Dating a taiwan coin

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Usually putting in the AH date will yield e Bay auctions from some part of the world.

Most of the time in the listing it will state the actual AD year....

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The coin's year is 1909 in that this was the year the ruler came to the throne. Thank you all again The year-of-reign part of the date is given above the mint-name on these coins.

meaning to say how does one differentiate from date to date?

Thank you all, the question is how does one know which date this coin is as there seems to be no indication on there to which date it belongs, eg. As an aside, these coins were struck in Birmingham (which is why the Krause lists it as being "6H" - giving the lie to the literal translation of the Arabic wording: "Struck in Egypt".

The 6H suggests it was the sixth year of his reign. If you want details on how this dating works, let me know. In this case, the number is "6", making the coin (KM# 306) 1913 AD.

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