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The quality of its products is consistent (apart from the occasioanl blip) and it brews some interesting and distinctive beers. Black colour with a small head; liquorice, burnt, toffee and cream aroma; sweetish/bitter taste with burnt, smoke, cream and liquorice aromas; bitter finish with burnt, expresso, chicory and liquorice aromas. These are the beers that you have to drink if you visit Holland. I'm not sure that they are atill brewing in Valkenburg. Too strong and hoppy for a normal witbier, but so what? IJ has established itself as one of Holland's leading micro breweries - and rightly so. A very good Tripel that is fairly light in body, delicately spicy and finishes with a decent whallop of hops. They deserve praise for their attempts to resurrect old Dutch styles. Cherry, toast and cream aroma; sweet/bitterish taste with cream, toast, chocolate and butter aromas; bitterish finish with cream, dust and coffee aromas. Some equipment has been transferred to the parent plant in Belgium. Amber colour with a fine-beaded head; orange, elderflower, basil and tobacco aroma; sweetish taste with orange, honey, caramel and tobacco aromas; bitterish finsih with tobacco, pepper and orange aromas. The 2002 version was incredibly variable - from barely drinkable to outstanding. In late 2002 the brewery had one of its periodic problems with the yeast. Even though they don't try to recreate exact copies of beers from centuries ago, they do use them as an initial concept. Raspberry and lemon aroma; sweet/sourish taste with raspberry and sugar aromas; bitterish finish with raspberry and grass aromas.

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Caramel and apple aroma; sweet/bitterish taste with sugar and smoke aromas; bitter, black toffee finish. Orange, wheat and coriander aroma; sweetish/sourish taste with orange honey and wheat aromas; Lemon and coriander finish. It was founded by Ed van Nisius, the owner of the Wijn- & Bierboetiek in Den Haag. Their best beers are the ones fermented with a real German wheat beer yeast.

A relatively long-established micro that unfortunately never seems to have learnt the need for strict hygiene in a brewery. The Schele Os beers are slightly more reliable, the bock has been infected for as long as I can remember. One of the few Dutch attempts at this style that comes anywhere in the neighbourhood of the German original. The regular beer range seems to now be reduced to just two. Has a strange boiled milk taste but is otherwise OK.

Brewed specially for Amsterdam beer shop De Bierkoning.

2003: darker than the last couple of years, less spiciness, but nice and clean and generally pretty good.

The beers are mainly brewed at the Scheldebrouwerij in 's Gravenpolder and Brouwerij De Schans in Uithoorn.

Very fruity strong beer - a bit too one-sidedly fruity. (Tasted .) Ingredients: pils malt, caramalt, chocolate malt and East Kent Goldings A prize-winning amateur brewer Erik Bouman, who brews on other's equipment.

Peach and orange aroma; sweetish taste with peach aroma; sourish orange finish. A bit milky, but with quite a pleasant roasty finish.

Liquorice, toast and coriander aroma; sweetish taste with toast and milk aromas; bitter finish with liquorice, herbal and coffee aromas. Has a reasonably complex aroma, but is far too sweet in the mouth.

It does tend to swap around between top- and bottom-fermenting.

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