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William Healy, the test's developer, claimed that "one of the most brilliant men in America took the full 20 minutes and wanted more in which to finish . The Stoelting Company was founded around 1886 and is probably the oldest psychological testing company still in existence in the United States.The company markets a number of different nonverbal IQ tests for those who are speech or hearing impaired, non-English-speaking, or have cognitive disabilities.This IQ test is in the collections of the Kansas Museum of History.

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It is a number that measures the people's cognitive abilities (intelligence) in relation to their age group.

An Intelligence Quotient indicates a person's mental abilities relative to other persons of approximately the same age.

The world's first intelligence test was developed in 1905 by Alfred Binet of France, primarily to identify and classify cases of mental retardation. It is classified as a "picture context instrument" designed to test cognitive abilities through non-verbal means.

IQ tests became especially popular during World War I (1914-1918) when they were used to rapidly assess and classify large numbers of soldiers. The kit includes two square panels printed with pictures depicting a sequence of events in a boy's life.

IQs can be as high as 200 in adults and 250 in children.

IQ score is therefore an attempt to measure the relative intelligence and mental agility of the person taking the test.

The top 2 percent of the population will have an IQ score above 130.

The score range 135-144 is considered highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals), a score over 144 is considered a genius (e.g., professors, Nobel Prize winners).

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