David deangelos guide to online dating

I've heard that they do not get approached much because they are so hot and intimidating.But I've also heard that they get approached constantly.

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I think it must work for him though, because he is older and also because he is so congruent.

For example, if Mystery or Jason Capital used some of these lines (Gilad would probably hate to hear them called lines), they would fall flat.

In other words, I would describe most PUA advice as "How to be alpha as much as possible," like, 90% of the time, be "alpha," challenge her, tease her, etc... He DID mention that when you are being playful, be playful completely.

And when you are being sincere, be sincere completely. Oh, another bit that I've heard only from Adam Gilad, and it was a shocker to me.

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Many of them seem to emphasize being a bad-ass or proving that you're alpha--but it's like, the whole persona.

Adam Gilad, however, seems to be a genuine man who just happens to be able to be brazen and fearless, and not give a shit, but in exactly the right dose. His ingredients are more 50/50, or maybe he's just both all the time.

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