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and see why people keep coming back again and again.It’s no wonder that you haven’t tried it yet if you are still horny. Read these paragraphs from a letter by eu' thusiastic Nash oiraer, Clyde H, Andiist, of Fort Collins, Colorado^ “/ iuiv^ hfid extfcfn^ly Jine sjffviiie from alt ttty Nash crarj , . S» hove boon lriiat Bi LC]r''trijii E[l mc-Di and wuou H] . Dtarbwa S E., Cbicafo ^ IJL wait'fo U Acc Bin^Ellbl'^ ti MEaii cfruh T 1 m yw Tiv THIS SAME l ESSOH HAS STARTED HUNDREDS OF THOU3AN01 lat^pd WEi Updiil e«EBUHilas' ca- r HEE^in. A ooupuu like thiri Iibh Hlorl Ed ui Biiy thun Haada lou'anl EJl EF uuece M.

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Yoti Hl treat yourficlf to the finest buy you ever had in an autom[}tt]c! Illinois YES- 1 Vi'Ci Di i£i ifif: liiih- f jfijil3ij_^B'"IVii|ile»n 0.1«(ho J"i»niria.j bowl ean qualify fvr Aecauatandy [xiuiii Ma.

So when you are looking for a good used car, remember theae facts sbotit Najjb “Double Lipetime*’ Value. A Con PJjp Ondenc B fnilrfufili Bii Oeptip 2i^H, 417 Sp Pa Orb Orn Streel, Chirnflo J.

I T JU9T mates common sense that the more quality and durability built into a new ■car originally, the more good miles you’ll get from it as a used car. ‘'Ub En let ue at Ji J you— vriiliifut CD4E urob Lipalion — th Eaanii' J^uird Kr Otjd t B-l EL wbi Lb La Salle bu Kiartrd several tl UKld E^d tliou- Band men -Rlld wonien. P’ovrriinicnl BECounlnn E, Ei]Ei:i Blih E, ur puhih; a OTAl Li Maill ,, .you'll fiir J in Lu Sb JIe's IV u LLin Me ELp Lid. Sd rl Elit noh'., lortay.^ - if you are Bit 41(1 ul[, eiupkived, atid earne Atly am Lillluiia fur rap Lil julvancouicn E in tbu hifbea E-pay in f of a[| profn^ioil An i y CHi Lt name and addn±(Ei on tliu ooupou b Eluw. (hie pfru EMHOD Tbnt Paya'^’ ■i.i U i Tj Uioii E c(u.t £u eb Jicin Jisii.

l SEE A NASH DEALER FOR THE BEST USED CAR IN TOWN JVoih iltcdan, Di’riij«i Nofh-Ks Ierr Mr^ f Mrviit. Here’s New Proof That Nash— The ^^Car with the Double Lifetime” —Is the Best Used Car You Can Buy! We Tynnt yon tii EEC fpnr ynpursclf lunv lbi» rciuarkabl E ni Elhioil, Ofifinatcd by La Si JIu, ihb Lcx A cr Aunt Buiry iiimpie, inl Er Eaiiu Pn praiillc Bl. Fiqk' it Icad B you H|ep-]iy-^i^p til n c^mpkie mnatcry fif p Seeaunlliif — »nd tm up ta ibo 4Mert biyid^keeper, advanced ace4uiil A.iilti:i»E aocpountaat, au Jitur. 3 eu J Ftn i Sainnl^ Leeioit — il» your SB.-' po^te liipjk, '"'Ai HEiiiiri Eu Ei ETir.

Don’t go out into the hot desert sun to find a date when you could just pick up the phone and be connected to the party chat line for free.

35 CENTS FEBRUARY 1954 IPULAR WRl TTE*( SO YOU CAN UMDFB STAND IT SMCTi ON 43 PAGES ABOUT A UT0M0BSk^ls inshaiirt^ ...» Parade the '54 Madels What p Car Owners Want Next How to Buy a Used Car What Makes a Car Run mm Tiles'^— See pafc 154 John Fi Uh and Phil Walters tall ahoat the WORLDS GREAT ROAD RACES B Page COLOR ALBUM of lilt Fjn«H Ara Eriun Cailk tsft Jl Ll CTIl C STAATim t ^oiv/ PVSH-Bt/TTON POWER! QD* SEA-HORSE 10 — in lip, t^ii Wt TTj ATi^l Isrri&t '‘‘nr Um'ity.'" With Mil* M futcr Fuel R.y AOi[i]. Sts y Our rieiirby garage or service station for Champions specially enginsered for your car. AIrw Dvi Scvthvrn Alr^airf £^Ahw Aii1 Airwayi Trc Mi Canadn AMn«i Ae T** rr^niporl Hafllchig Umidi.

: = = i Zi The Great Roqd Rates of the World = = IZB fh0 Craftsman 3 Sewtng Cabmel?

Hills Jgy W, Heddett Elliett H, Ms Cleary Eastern Editor... _Thamai t ^riiaian, Jr, London Manager .._ ^Etauglai W. Peepers Does His Homawork - * ■ ■ Tip The Iron Rood to labmdar ■ = - - - - Hi Do It With Staples T2S TV Jairas tho Ait- Force s t * = - = = 12A Spaciat Airra See Jjd Jt— The Twelve Finest Amerienn C lassies - ^ 144 Pprqf Je of New Cars - = : : = = : Hi Whol"s New tn ^S4 = z = = = = = 1A4 Reporl io Delroit -------- 16S Whaf Mflket Your Car Run?

and aranilfat of ar,ar Je Jsfc ppaduefs jescffhec T, are fpited on pajjies 3^ and 2? Every Nu«h en^LJke has ihe vibration- frrc smooth ness of a conn terba Lanced crank:^hafl.

Slephany Assistant Edlter, Makeup John Oaten Autamative Carre spandent.. Fram Sin ate Design - 185 Pull Toy in Eight Models ■-■■-- T91 Salving Home Problems ------- 196 Buy Tour Boat in o Package ----- ^QS Make a Modal of Iha Mifdwoy— Par^ II ■ ■ 2]j Haw 0 Buy a Ut&d Car ------- 222 Tips on Suyiag U&ad Elactrk Molars - - - 229 Know Your Matal Shaper ■ ■ - - 234 ftadt P, TV and Elactronica ------ 245 Other iternr. ;h haji & ci [fifr Thermal Intake Maniftjhj, and hi|;h rompn'fi Hinrt lo lioliver m lire po iti er on iess gaiolin Ci, uii' der all condi- 1 1 o ts a .

Whilc you're Still young, you could enjuy a standard of living usually associated with suc- cess .

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