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“There aren’t words to translate LGBT terms in Hmong so that makes it even more difficult. My mom became very violent and hostile towards me because she didn’t agree with it. For a week I actually lived with siblings because I actually feared for my life being around my parents.” Kha’s journey towards identifying as pansexual started with a crush on a girl in high school.

She denied her attraction because of the heterosexual norms she was raised with but openly identified as bisexual when she entered college.

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So growing up, I had a very negative experience being labeled as an English Language learner,” Kha tells Madison365.

Kha struggles most as a Hmong American woman with not being “Hmong enough.” Having naturally curly hair and an outspoken voice, many of her Hmong peers described her outspokenness and the way she dresses and carries herself as acting black or ghetto.

She was put into English As a Second Language (ESL) classes and was restricted to only reading books that were at her “level” of reading.

She remembered when she wanted to read the third book of Harry Potter, her teachers told her it was too advanced and that she couldn’t read anything that was higher than her level.

Kha was born in a refugee camp Thailand and lived there shortly before she moved to the U. Kha grew up in Milwaukee until she was 12 but moved to central Wisconsin for a couple of years because of the gang violence prevalent in her neighborhood.

Her parents came along with thousands of immigrants to seek for a better life for themselves and their children.

Kha believes that Hmong culture perpetuates stereotypical gender roles and she has witnessed homophobia within Hmong culture, which is something that she experienced growing up.

Often Kha’s sister and her did the cleaning and cooking while her brothers didn’t have those duties.

Although it was safer, it was culturally “depleting” because it was less diverse than Milwaukee.

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