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The core velocity framework is based on a number of unique, patented methods for iterative linearization and solution of the equations of motion. This tree structure exists in the C code and is defined using XML.

Her character is a gynoid in a 22nd century sci-fi setting.

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The Actin toolkit can be used for simulation of your robotic system during the design and validation stage.

CAD integration Actin simulation tools can load a model from a CAD format and automatically create a control system so you can interactively experiment with the simulated robot or execute parametric or randomized studies.

So if you use the Actin toolkit to build your system, you will also be designing an XML language that can be used with other commercial software products.

The toolkit includes a number of tools for easy and efficient mathematical and geometric calculation.

Dynamic Simulation Actin provides an accurate dynamic simulation capability.

This includes full and accurate Newton-Euler rigid body dynamics on all articulated links and impact dynamics between obstacles.XML Components of Actin simulations are configurable using XML, and you can easily connect your code with components from the Actin toolkit to build XML-configurable C objects.In addition to reading and writing themselves in XML, all XML-configurable objects can write their own validating schemas.Kinematic simulation Actin’s powerful constraint solving ability can be used for kinematic simulations that calculate the forward and inverse kinematics of high degree of freedom (over 100 DOF) robotic systems in real time.Actin can simulate the coordination between multiple robots of any type or manufacturer as well as attachments to other simulated robots, tooling, and objects, ideal for simulating tool changing systems and manipulating objects and grasping.Orientations can be accessed and mutated from quaternions, Euler angles, Rodrigues parameters, angle-axis, direction cosine matrices, and so forth. With the Actin toolkit, you do not have to re-implement these basic functions.

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