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An Anglican priest who was caught having online chats about raping boys as young as two, and who once said he wanted to watch a man sexually abuse his own son while in a "pedo mood", has avoided jail.Melbourne priest Philip Murphy, 54, pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to transmit child pornography over a series of explicit discussions he engaged in over Skype between December 2016 and February 2017.

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HHP says that things changed when he was working in the studio and received a call from his little cousin.

He adds that she informed me that the cops were shooting at their school.

He once told one man he was in a "very pedo mood", and told another he couldn't play "host" as he lived in a "church house", but that he could rent a motel room.

Murphy was arrested at Melbourne Airport on his return from a trip to Hong Kong in February 2017.

The band split soon after the release of the track, and HHP decided to pursue a solo career which saw the release of his next album Introduction, which was produced by singer and producer Isaac Mthethwa.

HHP says that the name Jabba came from High School because he was a big guy that had pimples.

When comedian Trevor Noah announced that he was returning to South Africa this week, he wanted to make quite sure that we realised it was no joke.

He posted this on his Facebook page on Sunday - which just so happened to be April Fools' Day.

Prosecutors had asked for an immediate term of imprisonment.

Instead, Murphy was convicted and sentenced to 12 months' jail wholly suspended, on the condition he is of good behaviour, is supervised by sex offender management for 12 months, and completes a sex offender program.

During one of the chats, a man discussed wanting to sexually abuse his own one-year-old nephew:bi_1077: sis has a new baby boy should try and sit lol[sends picture file]Murphy: F*** mate. You could visit me then if it was mid week and we could play How old is hebi_1077: 1Murphy: Perfect…In another of the online discussions, another man boasts about sexually abusing his sons.

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