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All old Java Script references and variables from the Reference List should still work properly, but they may log messages stating the code you are using has been deprecated, and recommend code changes that you should complete.

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It may take some time depending on how many messages are currently stored, so it is recommended to schedule some downtime for adding the index.

Due to the recent POODLE vulnerability, we have disabled SSLv3 for all of our relevant connectors and connections that use SSL.

Each element name in the generated XML will be the alias if one exists, otherwise it will be the column name.

Users connecting to Postgres or Oracle databases with the Database Reader connector should not be required to make any changes.

Channels created in 3.1.0 will automatically create this index, but existing channels will need to have the index created manually: If you do not see the "Add Metadata Index" task, then the index already exists for all of your channels and there is no action needed.

If the task fails to add the index for all of your channels, ensure that the remaining affected channels are stopped or undeployed and run the task again.

If you've made changes to any of the following files, copy them to a location outside of your existing $MIRTH_HOME directory before running the new Mirth Connect installer.

Once Mirth Connect is upgraded, you will need to update the newly installed files with your custom changes.

To simply remove all queued messages you can remove them from the Message Browser, which should also remove them from the file system, or simply delete the queuestore folder (or individual channel folders inside of queuestore) in your appdata directory.

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